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Director of Product Marketing
Alyx is a highly accomplished product marketing leader with over a decade of experience driving growth and innovation in the tech industry. Her passion for understanding and advocating for customer needs, combined with her ability to leverage data-driven insights, has been the key to her success in developing and executing effective go-to-market strategies. Throughout her career, Alyx has demonstrated a track record of successfully launching and scaling products across a range of industries and business models. Prior to her current role as the head of Product Marketing at JuiceMedia, Alyx held leadership positions at Weedmaps and AdRoll, where she drove substantial revenue growth and business transformations. Her experience includes spearheading the transition to a SaaS model, leading go-to-market strategies for new e-commerce platforms, and expanding into new markets. At JuiceMedia, Alyx has built and scaled a high-performing product marketing team that collaborates closely with stakeholders across the organization. By fostering a culture of customer obsession and data-driven decision making, she has led the development and launch of numerous successful products that have delivered significant value to both the business and its customers. Alyx's proven ability to scale product marketing teams and lead large-scale initiatives has been instrumental in her success.
24 April 2024 16:15 - 17:00
Panel: Leading GTM: How to lead your organization to success
In the final session of the day, we'll be exploring the world of GTM leadership. How can I become a transformational leader? How can I refine my GTM roadmap? What can I do to design a higher-impact team? All these questions, and more, will be answered in this closing session.

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