Head of Business Development & GTM Operations
Mudit is a SaaS GTM leader with a passion for building and transforming revenue organizations to lead with value selling and metrics-oriented revenue growth. He has a proven track record of driving strategic and financial goals towards IPO, acquisition and market cap acceleration. Mudit has expertise in building and growing business via the right mix of GTM Strategy, revenue operations, sales enablement, direct and channel sales and overall pipeline development. He has experience scaling GTM and operations for both SMB and large firms (~$100M rev. to $3B rev.)
24 April 2024 11:30 - 12:15
Panel: Supercharge your GTM operations with data and analytics
Missed targets, slow deal cycles, and inefficient resource allocation plague B2B organizations. But what if you could leverage technology and data to transform your GTM, pinpoint ideal customers, accelerate sales cycles, and optimize every decision? This presentation unveils a new approach to GTM – powered by data and fuelled by cutting-edge technology.