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Founder & GTM Operations Expert
Renegade Operations
Tenured sales, operations and enablement leader who scaling teams and processes from successful hyper-growth startups $5M up to $1B in revenue. With her diverse background, Laura brings a sense of empathy & passion in supporting her stakeholders, having roles in sales, enablement, operations and leadership. She is always looking for ways to innovate by weaving together excellence from her experience to develop solid GTM strategy, build high performing teams, drive results…….and have fun along the way.
24 April 2024 14:30 - 15:00
GTM debt: The Silent Killer of your B2B SaaS Efficiency
Your biggest barrier to growth isn’t outside competition, it’s your accumulation of “go-to-market debt” that will hinder your ability to scale your organization. In the realm of healthy GTM growth, the critical yet often overlooked challenge lies in successfully exiting critical growth milestones that sit within the 4 phases of growth: idea market fit, product market fit, go-to-market fit and finally scale. Founders and investors traditionally address revenue growth hurdles by throwing resources at the problem, in a quest to reduce the delta between concept and exponential revenue growth. This action encourages corner cutting and results in an accumulation of "go-to-market debt". Parallelling technical debt, "go-to-market debt" ‘hinders scalability and efficiency over time. Recognizing and paying down this debt early on is crucial for achieving sustainable growth. We will introduce how to recognize, pay down and avoid ‘go-to-market” debt, ultimately leading to fast, predictable and sustainable revenue growth.
25 April 2024 09:15 - 09:45
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