Senior Revenue Operations Manager, GTM
Bread Financial
Asia Corbett is a seasoned Revenue Operations professional with nearly a decade of experience in optimizing business processes and driving revenue growth. Known for her passion in tackling complex challenges, Asia excels in implementing innovative solutions to enhance operational efficiency and elevate overall business performance. Throughout her career, Asia has demonstrated a commitment to process improvement, streamlining workflows, and creating scalable systems. Her expertise in leveraging data to drive decisions has been a key factor in her success, making informed choices that positively impact revenue outcomes. As a dedicated leader, Asia thrives on fostering collaboration across cross-functional teams, aligning sales, marketing, finance, and other departments to achieve shared goals. Her strategic mindset and keen analytical skills have been instrumental in navigating dynamic business landscapes, ensuring sustained success.
24 April 2024 12:15 - 12:45
Fireside chat: Breaking silos and unleashing the synergy of GTM and RevOps
Tired of disjointed data, misaligned goals, and missed opportunities? It's time to smash the silos and uncover the full potential of your GTM and RevOps teams. This session is your roadmap to synergy.