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VP of Product Management
Filip Szymanski is a B2B SaaS Product Leader with 24 years of experience managing portfolios with revenues up to $400M. He has a proven track record in developing global strategies, creating award-winning products, and launching solutions with PLG and SLG growth models to achieve business success. As the VP of Product Management at insightsoftware, Filip is building solutions to enable the Office of the CFO to connect & make sense of company data to drive greater financial intelligence across their organizations. Filip’s experience spans business strategy, product management, and growth marketing across HPE, Cybereason, Turnitin, and Bitrise.
24 April 2024 14:45 - 15:15
Product-led growth vs Sales-led growth, or both?
Drawing on experiences at Turnitin, Bitrise, and insightsoftware, this session offers a rare glimpse into successfully integrating PLG with SLG, revealing their synergistic potential. Learn to shift between PLG and SLG strategically, optimize user engagement, scale freemium, leverage trials, nurture with personalized outreach, and pass qualified leads for enterprise deals to unlock explosive growth and long-lasting customer relationships. Join for an insightful journey into what it takes to build a hybrid PLG and SLG practice at your company.

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