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WW Sales Enablement Director, Global Sales Teams
Don has over 20 years of experience working in tech, start-up, B2B, and SaaS environments. He has a strong passion for building out sales enablement, sales, and L&D training teams. Don firmly believes that results can only be achieved through collaboration. Integrity is at the core of Don's work ethic, and he strives to be a great coach to his team. He follows the philosophy that true learning happens when there is laughter involved, emphasizing the importance of an engaging and enjoyable learning environment.
25 April 2024 09:30 - 10:00
Empowering front-line leaders with AI-generated, high-impact training
The impact that GTM leaders have is most commonly hindered by a lack of sufficient enablement for them and their direct reports. A leader needs to ensure their veterans are instantaneously served the right answers, at the right time, for the right situation. Organizations must provide post-onboarding training for new hires that gets them “unstuck” without having to search within an LMS or content library. Imagine providing your leaders with the tools to coach their team without affecting their management capacity. Learn how MongoDB overcame a daunting enablement challenge to provide their veterans and new hires with “just-in-time” and “bite-sized” AI generated answers. Your facilitator will guide you through the road map of identifying your enablement challenges, defining the solutions, building a framework, launching a solution, and scaling across your org to empower your managers to rely on the Enablement Team to increase their direct reports' effectiveness.

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